Back in the Saddle (Again)

The past few months have been a long strange trip for sure but am happy to report that things are going really well here on Tamarack Farm…Here is the skinny:

I spent the month of August in Alaska brewing with my buddies @ The 49th State Brewing Company and it was again a truly an amazing experience! I was working 70 hours plus a week and loving every minute of it! I came home more charged than ever to get my brewery here off the ground here. Even though it is a long game, we are working on making it a reality… A special Thanks to Jay Bullen & David McCarthy for being good friends and giving me such an amazing opportunity to brew beer in the Last Frontier!

In the meantime when I got back we immediately started to pick and dry hops from the test yard and the production yard! I got a few pounds of all or our varieties such as Hallertau, Centennial, Cascade and Nugget to do some test batching with. We are still toying with the idea of expanding for next season but since we have so many irons on the fire we may hold off until the following season for expansion…



Brewing As Art was a success in its first debut out of NYC at Starwbery Banke in Portsmouth! It was well received and we have had many invites for the future so stay tuned to for updates!

I am also glad to report that Tamarack Farm is the new home for Brewing As Art. With my partner Scott Van Campen’s recent venture into making his metal shop the SI Maker’s Space, we decided it would be best served here on the farm being brewed on and in a place where few have had a chance to see it. I am SUPER excited to have it home and to brew on it! Here are a few pics of me brewing my annual “Pumpkin O’ Puss” on BAA!



As I type this I also have 2 batches of Tamarack Farm Cider fermenting!  One is with my house Saison strain and one with a Brettanomyces strain! We have has so much fun making Cider here that we have plans to start replenishing our Apple orchard here in the spring…



And lastly, since we have had such great success with our Rasberry patch I have brewed my first Framboise made exclusively from Tam-Farm Rasberries! Plans to expand our Rasberries are also in the works…

Cheers and Happy Fall!


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