First Annual Cider Pressing @ Tamarack Farm!

Caroline and I will be hosting our first annual Cider pressing event here at Tamarack Farm this Sunday, October 13th starting @ 11am. This is a kid friendly so feel free to bring the little ones!

We will be serving Tamarack Organic Sparkling Cider (The real stuff, unpasteurized and unfermented) that I pressed last weekend to quench your thirst while we kick it old school and hand press all of our apples…

The Apples will be provided by our good friend from Christa’s Fat Apple Mountain View U-Pick Apple Orchard in Still River, Massachusetts. There will be Cider available for purchase in half gallon jugs, or just come and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather and peaceful back round our little farm oasis provides!

Hope to see you all and Cheers!


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BAA will be @ Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, NH Tomorrow!

BAA will be @ Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, NH Tomorrow!.


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Hop Yards, IMBIBE Magazine and ALASKA Redux!

It has been a busy Summer here at Tamarack Farm! Our hop yard is in place and we plan to expand to a 1/2 acre next spring and maximize the footprint of the hop-yard. As you can see, its doing quite well!











The July/ August Imbibe article written about our little farm venture by our good friend Amy Zavatto  entitled “Hop to It” can be seen in it’s entirety here:


Also, I am happy to announce that I will be headed up to Denali, Alaska for the month of August to rejoin the brewing crew at 49th State Brewing Company! It took some finagling and a extremely understanding wife and family but in the end I was able to get away from my busy farm life and pursue the thing I love to do most in the world…and get paid for it!

That said, I will be posting a TON of pictures and will be frequently updating my blog & twitter accounts of my progress, my love of beer, brewing and ALASKA!

See you in the Last Frontier…


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We Have Hop Posts!

I haven’t Blogged here in awhile cause it turns out the life of a Farmer is pretty freakin’ busy!

I’m happy to announce that phase 1 of the Hopyard is complete! All of the Hickory and Ash postes were cut down, drawn and set entirely from our land! I’m posting a few pictures of our progress from this past weekend which would not have been possible without help from our friends and family… for which Caroline and I are eternally grateful!

We will post more pictures and or video of our future progress…

Cheers for now!


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BAA in BYO Online!

The Brewing As Art feature in this months Brew Your Own Magazine has been put up on their website for viewing!

Check it out:

It doesn’t feature all the beautiful Mike Shane pictures, for that you have to buy the magazine but it is brilliantly written and I have to one again Thank Glenn BurnSilver for the article!

Cheers and Enjoy!

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“Brewing As Art” in the December Issue of Brew Your Own Magazine!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

As I mentioned in the last post, Brewing As Art is featured in the December issue of Brew Your Own Magazine! It is a fairly in depth article concentrating on the art/construction side of the project. Glenn BurnSilver did a wonderful job of outlining our vision for the Sculpture and was beautifully framed with images taken by Mike Shane during the construction process in Scott’s metal shop; NY Custom Fabricators. I believe it is the best piece written to date on our “Franken-Brewery”

As many of you know, BAA was sitting under 3 feet of water in Scott’s Shop due to Hurricane Sandy. Over the last few weeks Scott has been busy trying to get his life back in order so we have not at this point addressed the damage to the Sculpture.That said, Scott tells me he is confident it will brew again so stay tuned for updates…

So here it is in JPG form:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Or if you want to read it, in PDF:


Cheers for now…


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Brewing As Art @ the 2012 World Makers Faire in Queens, NYC this Weekend!

BAA will be making a special appearance at this years Maker Faire on Saturday, September 29th from 10am to 7pm & Sunday, September 30th from 10am to 6pm at the New York Hall of Science  47-01 111th Street, Queens, NY 11368-2950. Located in Flushing Meadows Park.

For those not in the know, the Maker Faire is a yearly celebration of Invention, Art and Creativity. It is a kid friendly and fun filled day featuring unique items and how to work shops. There is a little something for everyone and well worth the trip to Queens!

Scott and I will be at the opening party on Friday the 28th and will be pouring “Gingerfoot Quadruple” (A Belgian Style Quadruple brewed with Candied Ginger, 9.3% ABV) to kick off the festival in style!

Tickets can be purchased here or at the park the day of.

Hope to see you there and Cheers!

Main Site:



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Drinking Beer at the End of the World pt.2

So here I sit at a gas station/market/laundromat(yea,there’s not much here!) sipping a mediocre coffee and a sub par donut and totally happy to have it! I have to be honest in saying that I didn’t think I would like Alaska too much. It seemed that the sacrifice to be in such a remote location was hardly worth it. I guess it’s the New Yorker in me to think in such a way and old habits die hard but man, was I wrong!
The first 24 to 48 hours was a kinda haze. I guess it was a combination jet lag, the anxiety of traveling and the fact the all of Alaska was overcast and rainy. I dove right into my duties as Jay’s brewing assistant and had no idea what to expect. Then something wonderfull
happened…the clouds parted, the skies cleared and there it was… The mountains! Snow covered, tecnocolored and stunning. You have no choice but to be in awe of the scenery,but the thing that got me most was the air! A big draw of it was like smelling an interesting and complex beer… it was like a mixture of pine/spruce and smoke. I was hooked and I got it. I always said that New Englanders have such beautiful summers because they suffer such exteme winter and I believe that to be the case here ten fold.
Everyone I have met here have been gracious and wonderful. Even the most hardened Alaskans,(which you can tell by them being a touch more disheveled and sun beaten than others)after a few cold stares all of a sudden lighten up, smile and ask how you are doing. But because of Denali State Park, most people here are working the tourism trade, or are tourist themselves so it makes for a unique mixture of people from all over the world.

I know you must be saying,what does all this have to do with beer?

I thought when I got here without any distractions, that I would be able to catch up on my reading, blog and relax a bit but that has not been the case! My first hard lesson about brewing on a 5 barrel system in a very busy brew pub is that you spend 10,12 or even 15 hours in the brew house. You have about enough time at the end of the day to eat dinner, drink a few beers and go to bed because you have to wake up and do it all over again in the morning. Am I complaining? Absolutely not! To brew beer every day for a living I would gladly work more!
That said, all I have been able to do is Tweet about a beer i’m drinking or post a few pictures on Facebook of the scenery in between all my duties as assistant brewer. So I will continue to blog when I can get a few minutes to write in the form of the header; “Drinking Beer at the End of the World” and fill you in further on all the details of this wonderful place I am quickly falling in love with…

Cheers for now…

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Drinking Beer at the end of the World…

Ok, so its not really the end of the world but being in Alaska sure feels like it!

I had the great pleasure of having a beer brunch at Silver Gultch Brewery, which is actually the Northern most brewery in America. The beers did not disappoint and the brewers were gracious and pulled out the good stuff upon our arrival. Here are a few photos of the brew house. Some of their tanks were actually repurposed jelly boilers!

I’m hoping that my schedule here will allow to come back to their beer festival next weekend and drink some more of their brews!
Cheers for now…

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Alaska Bound!

I’m sitting here at Logan airport patiently awaiting my boarding call, I say patiently now because after a 17 plus hour trip and 3 planes I won’t be so patient!

I am about to start a 10 day beer adventure in a wonderfully beautiful part of the world; Denali, Alaska with my buddy Jay Bullen, the head brewer for 49 State Brewery. I will be blogging, drinking, brewing and raising hell! So check back to often for my beer adventure updates…

Fresh and not jet lagged yet….


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